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It is with great pleasure that we offer William Tolliver discounts of up to 30% for a limited time only in recognition of our initial launch phase. The great majority of this limited availability offering is for original works (one of a kind) as well as a few multiple limited edition works.

Thank you for your committed support of the legacy of one of the greatest artists of the 20th/21st Century!

Visual Arts Legacy Collections, LLC

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Visual Arts Legacy Collections,LLC

The Visual Arts LC is a limited liability corporation whose mission is to help develop the credibility and legacy of key artists of the "Diaspora." Heretofore, there has not existed a strategic plan and/or business model that would ensure national and international acclaim for the diasporic artist. Accordingly, the business model presented herein, utilizes selected gallery/museum collaborations that are directed at promoting the accessibility of the "Artists" worldwide. This international focus, which has its origin in the African-American jazz and literary arena, as impacted by Europe, helps to ensure that the collector establishes a collection of art by artists who have garnered global interest.

Visual Arts LC will also work with the collector (established or beginning) to document their legacy. This includes developing a strategy and visual arts knowledge base for collecting art which represents both, your value system and aesthetics. Strategic approaches to collecting helps the collector to become very knowledgeable regarding the artist's creative rendering/depiction of events, places, culture, and history. A strategic collection of such presentations, artistic developments and markers help to assure that the collector would have established a "legacy collection" that is an appreciable asset which is of value to museums, galleries, institutions and other collectors.

Visual Arts LC is proud to present bodies of works ranging from the masters, to developing artists who are certain to become masters. Visual Arts LC will work with you to document your collection and collection process as it relates to your value system/achievements and aesthetics. This will be accomplished through the creation of a catalogue, book, and/or video/film which could be passed down through your family line and/or given to an institution as a reflection of your personal legacy. Remember, your legacy reflects your personal values and history.


"WHAT'S YOUR LEGACY?" - Margaret Burroughs

For more information contact:

Herbert L. Charles, PhD

Managing Director

Visual Arts Legacy Collections, LLC



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